Joe Mullins Runs County Meetings to Bring Broadband Access to Western Flagler

Back in 2018, Commission Chairman Joe Mullins and prominent Columbia County businessman began organizing meetings in an effort to bring broadband access to the Western parts of Flagler County. In 2019, the Flagler County Broadband Task Force was created.

After meeting for several months, the Flagler County Commission voted unanimously to ratify the contract between Charter Communications and Flagler County so that it could effectively bring broadband internet services to the county's Western portions. This allowed for internet access in Western Flagler to become a reality.

"Promises made and promises delivered," Joe Mullins said. "While many areas are still talking about bringing in broadband, we are doing it in Flagler. Thank you to the county staff and our Broadband Task Force for getting it done."

Joe Mullins and Flagler County are very happy to have Charter Communications raise their hand as the company that will improve broadband connectivity for the rural residents of Flagler. To help make this initiative a reality, Charter Communications has provided millions in funding. Greg Blose, the president and CEO of the Palm Coast-Flagler Regional Chamber of Commerce commended the county government officials, including Joe Mullins, for working proactively to benefit the residents of Flagler with this project. The efforts put forth will significantly benefit the residents of Flagler County for years to come.

"The Chamber applauds Flagler County government and Charter Communications for working together to improve broadband connectivity for our rural residents, said Blose. "Charter Communications has stepped up to provide millions in funding to help make this a reality, and our county government worked proactively with the private sector. I am very proud of the effort put forth, which will significantly benefit our residents."